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Juice Fasting Results Before & After 100 pounds lost!

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How I lost 100 pounds Juice Fasting Results of 100+ Days of Juicing Raw Foods
Well, I did it! I had a 100 pound weight loss using only juicing. For 107 days I detoxed and cleansed my body of unwanted fat. This video shows you, based on measurements and body shots, where I started from and where I ended up. Juicing is a very safe and healthy way to lose weight fast. Not only did I lose weight, but my sleep apnea disappeared, I improved my blood pressure and my joints quit aching. I am not done, however, and I plan to continue my journey to healthy living using a plant based, vegan diet along with juicing to further cleanse, detox and alkalize my body. My next goal is to prove that you can gain muscle mass on a plant based diet alone.


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